Creating a Human Bionics LivingLab Community

Put simply, our Human Bionics LivingLab ™ is a globally connected innovation community identifying, sharing and advancing human bionics to create a better world.

Together with our partners in leading universities, hospitals and the medtech sector, Bionics Queensland is creating a LivingLab community that has no borders.
Bionics innovation is local and global, sharing and exchanging ideas to transform lives.

Four key areas of innovation that drive us forward…

Bionic mobility

Bionic Senses

Bionic Implants and organs

Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI


A Human Bionics LivingLab Community

Local-Global Participation

With hubs of excellence in bionic innovation in Australia and around the world, Bionics Queensland’s goal is to showcase ‘what is possible’ to a wider community and draw innovation leaders across borders into a new, exciting dialogue on human bionic innovation.

Hubs of excellence in bionic innovation in Australia and around the world​

Linking people, ideas and technologies in new ways

Busting the Silos of Endeavour

Linking people, ideas and technologies in new ways is the ‘secret sauce’ to accelerate bionic breakthroughs.
At Bionics Queensland, we see faces light up when ‘hot buttons of shared interest’ emerge across startups, clinicians and university researchers. It is time to ‘bust the silos of endeavour’ wherever possible to fast-track medical bionic solutions.
From 2021, we will engage intensively with our university, hospital and corporate partners to build an alliance for change. Looking ahead, it is likely that cross-institutional teams who share a passion for a single ‘Grand Challenge’ in human bionics will deliver the ‘moonshots’ needed to transform lives!

Expanding our Bionics Challenge

This year’s Challenge delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) saw a major uplift in cash prizes ($240,000) for Queensland-led teams. An overall $300,000 in value will be provided to teams when prizes are combined with our Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program.

We are also expanding our reach with a first-ever National Bionics Innovation Prize sponsored by Morgans Financial features in Bionics Challenge 2021. The winning team will receive $25,000 to progress their project, commercialisation training plus a share in Morgan’s dedicated insights ($25,000 value) on financial planning and capital attraction.

Bionics Challenge 2022 – keep your eye on our website for more details!

This year, our four Grand Challenge winners each received $50,000 cash towards their project and all winning teams are participating in our Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program. Our four Early-Stage Bionic Innovation Award winners have each been awarded $10,000 in cash and equal participation in our mentoring program.

Importantly, all teams entering the Challenge have the opportunity to compete for a $25,000 National Bionics Innovation Prize sponsored by Morgans Financial. The winning innovation may be seated in one or more of the four Grand Challenge categories (i.e., bionic mobility; bionic senses; bionic implants and organs; and, bionics, the brain, neurotech and AI).

Read more about Bionics Challenge 2021

Making it Happen!

We introduce our Bionics Challenge winners plus other bionic start-ups to ‘high value’ partnersinvestors, business advisors, designers, engineers, contract manufacturers and more.

We provide cash prizes to our Bionics Challenge winning projects, but it doesn’t stop there! We mentor, track opportunities and co-pitch with bionics start-ups for non-dilutive funds and continue to support Founders through their initial seed round and Series A & B.

We connect bionics founders and start-ups with potential investors, provide up-to-date insights on R&D grants and clinical trial funds, share updates on medical device regulations and more. When we don’t know, we will connect you to someone who does!

Bionics Queensland works with R&D leaders and start-ups

Celebrating success, failure and new ideas

Bionics Queensland works with R&D leaders and start-ups on projects at the cutting edge of science. We share the pathway to success and failure and a passion to find a new way forward.

Great ideas bubble up quickly in bionics where innovations are driven by a fusion of trends and technologies. Bold ideas and aspirations live at the ‘edge’ of AI, neuroscience, robotics, electronics quantum computing, regenerative medicine, nanotech and more.

It is natural to see projects fail, some falling short due to gaps in the science (e.g. our limited knowledge of the human brain), others failing for more practical reasons of time, leadership or funds.

This is the risk that we take in pursuing moonshot innovations (and incremental breakthroughs) in human bionics. ‘Moonshots’ that deliver a tenfold impact on human health are a marathon not a sprint.

Failing fast is always the goal, with much to be learned and applied in a new or revised project by the team involved (and by others in our Human Bionics LivingLab Community).

Bionics Conversations 2021​

We’d love to see you there!

After the past year, we’re all keen to look ahead to the next frontier. At Bionics Queensland we’ve hit the ground running with our first ‘Bionics Innovation Opportunities and End User Needs Analysis’.

Right now, we are ‘knee-deep’ in interviews with bionics innovators, clinicians, practitioners, charities and end users of bionic devices and treatments. But this study is designed to give ‘time in the sun’ to everyone who shares our interest in bionic innovations.

At our Conversation ‘21 Series in October this year, we will discuss the state of play with bionic innovations. However, we are eager to hear your views on the ‘unmet needs’ of those living with a disability, chronic disease or health condition that the next wave of bionic innovation could address.

To register early to attend one or more virtual events in this series, please contact us.

Bionic Mobility – Conversation ’21
Bionic Senses – Conversation ’21
Bionic Implants and Organs – Conversation ’21
Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI – Conversation ’21

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