Summary of Benefits and Fees for Affiliates of Bionics Queensland

As an Affiliate you will enjoy a range of benefits throughout the year including:

  • Invitations to attend Bionics Queensland supported events e.g. bionics consumer forums, creative innovation workshops and vertical collaboration workshops used to speed up the commercialisation and market release of new devices, organs and treatments.
  • Opportunities to participate in select projects and initiatives of the Bionics Leadership Council. Pending their interests and experiences, Affiliates will be invited to collaborate with other bionics consumers (end users) and/or other researchers, innovators and product or service providers to accelerate ideas, treatments and solutions.
  • Opportunities for bionics consumers and carers to provide a deeper insight to their needs and showcase their success stories and solutions. End users, researchers and clinicians will be invited to share their stories, outline their unique needs and compare and contrast bionics solutions in Bionics Queensland national and global publicity.
  • Access to all information and insights on human bionics research breakthroughs, devices, technologies, products and services retained in the Bionics Queensland Discovery Database. This Database will be progressively developed as a world class resource housed on the Bionics Queensland website.
  • Receipt of a quarterly newsletter on Bionics Queensland activities, projects, breakthroughs and achievements e.g. end user success stories that also features a calendar of forthcoming networking, mentoring and collaboration events.
Fee Structure for Affiliates (Individuals with an interest in joining Bionics QueenslandAnnual Fee
Students and early researchersNil
Bionics patients/consumers and family carers (using or seeking bionics solutions)Nil to $100
Other interested individuals (seniors and non-professionals)$100
Interested individuals who are clinicians or other professions in the human bionics sector or allied fields$220