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Giving digital telepathy to those who cannot move or speak

Dr Thomas Oxley
In his TEDx talk, Associate Professor Tom Oxley, neuroscientist and CEO of Synchron and inventor of the Stentrode, talks about its expected life-changing impacts. The neural implant is delivered to the brain via a catheter through the jugular vein without the need for an open brain surgery.

Could a spinal injury patient control a motor vehicle simply by thinking? Could a person who has come home from a war without arms pick up their child with a thought controlled limb? Could the next Stephen Hawking have the capability to not only understand but easily communicate the greatest secrets of the universe? When you watch this TEDx talk, you’ll see that this is a future possibility.



The Stentrode will be used first by people with paralysis, but pending outcomes of clinical trials, it could underpin a wide array of future health treatments. The tiny stent-electrode also promises to predict and halt epileptic seizures and assist people with a range of conditions, from motor neurone and Parkinson’s diseases to compulsive disorders and depression.