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Clandestine Design Group – partnering to uplift design insights of Bionics Challenge 2021 entrants and winning teams!

In the world of medtech innovation, and more specifically, medical bionic innovations it is more important than ever to know that you have a high quality design that is first and different in the global marketplace. This is where Clandestine Design Group (CDG) steps up to deliver strategic design of medtech devices and technology solutions that result in a world class user experience.

Neil Davidson and his team work collaboratively and covertly with you to fully research the end users or audience for your medtech device and harness their team skills to help you provide superior product quality, functionality, convenience and value to those who have inspired you to invent or improve on current solutions available to them. Neil founded CDG in 2014 and enjoys inspiring and challenging young innovators as well as the next generation of product design graduates.

Bionics Queensland is proud to have Neil and the team at Clandestine Design Group as a sponsorship partner of Bionics Challenge 2021. Medtech designers who have worked with Neil enjoy and learn so much about designing authentically to meet the needs of end users, their families or carers and professionals in diverse healthcare settings. Equally, the entrants and winners of our Bionics Challenge glean ‘not to be missed’ insights from their interaction with this outstanding design group.

To find out more visit the CDG website and discuss your needs with the team:

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Bionics Challenge 2021

Bionics Challenge 2021, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) has provided over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.

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The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) Queensland is our major funding partner. The rehabilitation of Queenslanders impacted by road accident trauma, disabilities and chronic health conditions underpins our highly valued partnership.


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