Eligibility to participate

Team participation in Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 is encouraged from all walks of life. However, team members will typically be drawn from the categories shown below:
  • Hospital, university and private sector professionals: Scientists, clinicians, bio-medical engineers, medtech researchers, technology leaders (e.g. AI, data science, machine learning, AR/VR), additive manufacturing experts and allied health professionals.
  • Students: Individuals enrolled in medicine, health, bio-medical engineering or allied programs at Queensland universities or in vocational education and training programs. PhD students at metropolitan and regional universities are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Community and Small Business: grassroots inventors, charities, small businesses and start-ups
  • Consumers / end users of bionic devices, technologies, products and services – bionics end users and/or carers or family members who are consulted and engaged throughout the project
  • Medtech industry leaders and managers: private sector medtech businesses, product designers, technologists, product development and marketing specialists.

General Requirements

All teams should strive to:
  • Identify, link and engage people, science and/or technologies that have not been connected before in shaping their bionic innovation
  • Involve end users of human bionics innovations, their carers or key family members in research and development of new or improved bionic devices, technologies and treatments
  • Attract early industry participation i.e. key individuals or businesses with insights that will help to accelerate product or service development, commercialisation and any related start-up business
  • Optimise state-level contributions of their project and where possible find avenues for intra-state collaboration (e.g. a mix of metropolitan and regional team members)
  • Collaborate with inter-state and offshore researchers as appropriate to deliver ‘new to the world’ bionic innovations or improve on existing bionic devices, technologies, treatments and services.

Specific rules and conditions

  1. Participating teams should read all information and requirements of the Challenge on our website before registering and submitting their Pitch to enter Round 1 (a brief document outlining and justifying the team’s project choice).All team members should familiarise themselves with the definition of ‘bionics’ provided online and take due care in choosing which of the three Challenges (Bionic Mobility, Bionic Senses or Neural and AI-enabled Bionics) is best aligned to their innovation. The Challenge organiser (Bionics Queensland) recognises that innovations related to neural interfaces and AI-enabled bionics may be seated in more than one Challenge, but each team must register to participate in one Challenge only.
  2. Registration and submission of the Pitch to enter Round 1 must be completed online by the published deadline (May 29th, 2020), with no exceptions made. The criteria sheet for project assessment is published on this website and can be accessed here.
  3. A minimum of four and a maximum of five team members are expected in each Challenge team. All teams must include: a nominated project leader / researcher, one or two other researcher(s), a consumer/end user of the innovation (or their carer) and an industry-based leader or manager who will advise the team on commercial aspects of their innovation as the project progresses.
  4. The majority of individuals in any team entering the Challenge must be based in Queensland and intra-regional teams that bring talented individuals together from different Queensland regions are strongly encouraged. Teams can choose to include one or two individuals from other Australian states/territories or offshore as appropriate to optimise team expertise, the quality of the innovation and/or consumer engagement, but the majority of the team must still be Queensland-based.
  5. Individual team members may enter and participate in one Challenge team and application only.
  6. All Challenge deadlines required for teams to submit materials or attend events must be met in line with the Rules and Conditions stated on this website. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  7. Submissions and presentations required to progress through each Challenge Round must adhere to related guidelines for each activity provided on the Challenge website. A failure to adhere to the guidelines for these activities could disqualify your team.
  8. The Challenge registration form requires a project title, all team members’ names and a list of roles and skill sets that each team member brings to the project e.g. consumer or end user, project leader, bio-medical engineer, software designer or AI / machine learning expert, data analyst, device designer, biofabrication specialist, industry representative and project advisor, other.
    Note: If the team is not fully formed at the time of applying, actions to attract further team members and skills sought should be outlined. If the team is successful in entering the Round 1 Pitch phase, a team (minimum of 4) must exist before submitting a Round 1 Project Plan.
  9. All teams must immediately notify the Challenge organiser (Bionics Queensland) of any expected changes or issues that arise with team membership during the Challenge. Steps must be taken to maintain a minimum of four participants with the majority based in Queensland for the team to progress through Rounds 1 and 2 and participate in the final Grand Challenge event. Any changes in team membership must be mutually agreed between team members and the Challenge organiser.
  10. Upon registration, all teams must agree that (a) the project leader and some team members are willing to attend the Round 1 Workshop, and (b) all team members are willing and available to attend all other Challenge events as required:
    • Round 1 Team Building and Project Framing Workshop (Location: Brisbane plus other locations pending team numbers) – 18th/19th April, 2020
    • Round 1 Pitch Event (Location: Brisbane plus other locations pending team numbers) – 23rd/24th May, 2020
    • Grand Challenge Pitch Skills Building Weekend for Round 2 Teams (Location: Brisbane) – 6th/7th June, 2020
    • Grand Challenge Final Pitch and Judging (Location: Brisbane) – 27th June, 2020
  11. Each team participating in the Grand Challenge Final Pitch will receive an allowance of up to $2,000 to be shared between team members for travel and/or accommodation, pending a successful application to Challenge organisers for some or all of this allowance
  12. Upon registration, all teams must agree that they have taken steps to identify any existing intellectual property (IP) owned by team members, other individuals or organisations (e.g. an employer, university, hospital or other party) and ensure that any required clearances or agreements are in place. The identities of team members and content of any Challenge pitch delivered are considered public domain and may be used by Challenge organisers in marketing activities.
  13. Challenge team members should confirm with advisors or legal counsel that any IP included in their public presentations or written submissions is protected (i.e. by appropriate intellectual property filings) by the owning institution and/or individuals.Any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by entrants should be considered information that could possibly enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged or presented in these sessions. Due to the nature of this Challenge, judges, reviewers, staff or the audience are not obligated and will not be asked to sign non-disclosure statements. If a team uses copyrighted materials and/or images from a third party in their submissions or presentations, they must obtain permission and authorization in advance to use this material, and identify the source in their presentations or submissions.Bionics Queensland recommends that contestants determine, in advance, whether their summary describes a technology, invention, copyrightable work or other IP owned by their respective universities. The respective Technology Transfer Offices or Research Offices or relevant personnel in any organisations linked to the team’s project should be contacted to establish the status of IP.
  14. If selected as a Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 winner, all team members will sign a formal contract with Bionics Queensland that details:
    a. How their $50,000 major cash prize or $5,000 Early Stage Bionic Innovation Award will be exclusively used for project expenses included in the team’s budget estimate. It is expected that all teams who enter the Challenge will have further research phases and/or clinical trials to be completed which their cash prize will help to progress. This Challenge is suited to early to mid-stage research and innovation projects rather than projects that have already received significant grant monies, engaged with clinicians or end users and are ready to commercialise. Late stage projects should speak to us about other forms of assistance.
    b. The team’s plan to expend the majority of funds in Queensland,
    c. The proportion of funds that may need to be spent on activities outside of Queensland including the nature of those activities, and
    d. The agreed timeframe for the team to report to Bionics Queensland on the progress of the project and related cash prize disbursement. Challenge award money must be issued to an ABN, not a person and must be used to further research and develop the innovation/product/concept that was pitched.
  15. All team members are required to sign a waiver allowing Bionics Queensland the rights to photograph and film their participation in the Challenge for marketing purposes.
  16. All teams are required to participate in media and press opportunities related to the Challenge, including but not limited to media interviews and content for press releases. This publicity could occur at any time throughout the Challenge and could feature representatives of Bionics Queensland, Advance Queensland and the Queensland Government alongside team members.
  17. Participation in media and press opportunities does not require teams to disclose any proprietary or otherwise confidential information related to their business or product concepts.
  18. If a team is selected as a Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 winner, the majority, if not all team members must agree to participate in the Challenge Winners Acceleration Program with a view to fast tracking the further development and commercialisation of their product/concept/innovation. Coordinated by Bionics Queensland, this Program will involve on-line and face-to-face interaction with a suite of mentors.

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 – Be in it to win it!