Teams entering Round 1 of the Challenge participate in a webinar and online workshop on Team Building and Project Framing (that include some interaction / joint learnings with other teams).

Virtual interaction with Bionics Queensland representatives will enable teams to refine projects, improve their focus and boost their energy and clarity to move forward. From Round 1, a rolling Q&A on all aspects of the Challenge will be published online to assist all participating teams.
Preparing the Round 1 Project Summary and Plan (up to 2000 words)

More thought and attention will be given at this stage to your team’s engagement with patients or bionic end user(s), relevant health industry or medtech insights the current and emerging markets or user groups for the team’s innovation and how it could be fast tracked for clinical use or commercial availability

You’ll also work through the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your Challenge Project Plan – the key activities including further research to be conducted, your budget estimates and critical milestones. You’ll hone in on your method, the nuts and bolts of the research and data collection, modelling, analysis, prototype development and testing, clinical studies, trials or market testing (as needed) and the regulatory approvals needed for the innovation to be adopted by end users in healthcare settings or a wider marketplace to transform lives.

Your team will need total clarity on the project’s intellectual property (IP). At this stage, you may seek some further advice to be totally comfortable that any IP described in the Round 1 Project Summary and Plan is protected.

Fuller details on how to prepare the Round 1 Summary and Plan will be released shortly after the closing date for initial entries.

Putting together your team’s Round 1 Pitch Slides

The Round 1 Pitch is a make or break event for teams to get into the top suite of teams competing for $50,000 major prizes and $5,000 Early Stage Bionic Innovation Awards in each of the three categories.

Your Round 1 Pitch Slides must be attached to your Round 1 Project Summary and Plan when you upload it online. More insights on how many slides and how to prepare them will be given to teams in early webinars and workshops.

A full overview of how the Round 1 pitch event will be conducted (venue and style of delivery expected) will be posted in advance of this activity.

Round 2 will also begin with a Grand Challenge Project and Pitch Skills Building Webinar and virtual workshop where team members will hear from a suite of great mentors.

The teams accepted into Round 2 will go through to compete in the Grand Challenge event….but not without lots of mentoring, ‘pep’ talks and tools to boost their chances of success!
Challenge teams will discover the art of a successful pitch, interact with seasoned ‘pitchers’, and catch up with an array of innovators.

All teams will engage in deep dives that interrogate their projects, their responses to the Challenge Statement, their business cases and proposed pitch strategies to win a $50,000 major category prize or a $5,000 Early Bionics Innovation Award to progress their work.

After the webinar and virtual workshop, the teams will prepare their Final Pitch Plan and Slides. Valuable tips on how to plan and prepare the pitch slides will be covered in the online interactive workshop.

At a minimum, winning teams can expect to showcase:

  • The unique and far-reaching features, benefits and expected impacts of their bionic innovation for patients or bionics end users and for clinicians, practitioners and carers striving to transform lives
  • A highly professional project plan with objectives, milestone activities, research and funds required giving the judges and Grand Challenge audience a very clear picture of a winning team. The pathway forward for the team to seek additional stakeholder support, grants and/or investment will also be well defined in the final pitch.

Fuller details of what is required for Round 2’s Final Pitch Plan and Slides will be given closer to the date and will also be uploaded to this site.

The Grand Challenge Pitch Event…the ‘big day’ for Round 2 teams

We are hoping to see a fantastic array of presentations on life-changing bionic innovations at our final online judging of innovations in Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020.

To successfully ‘pitch’ their proposals, Challenge teams must tell the story of their innovation in a highly appealing way. Bionics Queensland will encourage finalists to use everyday language in talking about the far-reaching impacts of their research or innovation and their passion to change lives. In a world where ‘bionics’ is a baffling topic to many people, we will encourage our finalists and winners of Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 to serve as educators and champions of change.

The more Queenslanders and people around the world understand what bionics is all about, the more they will embrace and support our Challenge and collaborate to deliver a new wave of bionic innovation and product development.

Everything that team members need to know about this final online judging event will be released online in the weeks leading up to the final exciting day!

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 – Be in it to win it!