The number of sensory-deprived people globally is expected to increase…continued innovation is vital in hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste and in restoring balance and orientation.

How can you and your team make a difference? Every breakthrough opens the door to new possibilities and fortunately, interest in restoring and creating bionic senses is growing. Building on the electrodes included in the bionic ear, many more sensory prostheses can be invented. Great strides have been made and interest in multi-sensory perception is also growing.

The team that wins our Bionic Senses Challenge will deliver a next generation bionics innovation in one of the following areas:

  • Bionic ear / neuromodulation devices and technologies designed to overcome hearing and/or auditory processing disorders, improve the perception of speech or repair the inner ear
  • Bionic eye / vision devices and technologies that address genetic or acquired vision disorders
  • Bionic devices, products or technologies that help to restore a sense of touch, taste, smell, orientation or balance
  • Bionic devices and technologies that deliver multi-sensory treatments or experiences e.g. a connection to the IOT and use of AI and VR/AR to enhance outcomes
  • Innovative health services and programs that optimise the benefits of human to human interaction alongside human-technology interfaces to accelerate healing and wellbeing

$50,000 if you win the Bionic Senses Challenge plus a Mentoring and Acceleration Program


$5,000 in cash for an Early Stage Bionic Innovation

The clock is ticking – your team could win a great cash prize and expert advice to fast track your innovation!


Bionic Senses Challenge –
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Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 – Be in it to win it!