Take the next step. Pitch to enter Round 1 of the Challenge!

Are you ready to apply? With a great innovation and a ‘red-hot’ team formed (or coming together), now is the time to plan your Pitch to enter Round 1.

Step 1: Have a team roundtable to plan your approach

Review and discuss Challenge Statements 1 to 3 (Bionic Mobility, Bionic Senses and Neural and AI-enabled Bionics). Decide on the Challenge that has the best fit with your innovation!

Check the Challenge timeline and key dates to confirm your team’s availability

Collate the details needed to complete the Registration Form

Review the judging criteria for the Pitch to enter Round 1 Project Summary

Prepare the Cover Sheet to be attached to your Pitch to Enter Round 1 – Project Summary uploaded when you complete your Registration Form. On the Cover Sheet, include:

  • The Project Title (5-10 words),
  • Project Description (up to 50 words)
  • Name, address, email and phone number of all team participants
  • Team member’s qualifications, occupation, employing organisation(s) and educational institution(s) if they are enrolled in full-time or part-time study or research.
  • Queensland based participants must form the majority of your team and you must also identify and include the home region of each team member on the Cover Form. Team members should identify the Queensland region they live in (see Rules and Conditions).

Step 2: Brainstorm the content of your Pitch to Enter Round 1 – Project Summary

Map out a structure for your Pitch to Enter Round 1 Project Summary (1,500 words) in line with the Judging Criteria:

  • Define the innovation and central idea driving it. Bullet point the prior research, ‘stand-out’ discoveries and related innovations. What is unique about your innovation ….how does it differ or stand apart?
  • What is the overall importance of your innovation and related research…does it align well with key areas/issues in this Challenge? Will it change future thinking or practice?
  • What are the consumer benefits of your innovation (needs of the bionics end user that will be met)? How will you engage and involve end users and/or their carers throughout the project?
  • What is the practical contribution of your innovation – how will it improve or deliver new functionalities?
  • What industry interest and support exists for your proposed innovation?
  • What research do you plan to do and how will you engage consumers and industry in the project across different phases?
  • What potential is there to fast track and commercialise your innovation?
  • Will your project deliver a genuine bionic solution (check the definition provided on this site). Does the team have the right skill sets to progress this innovation and related research to the next level (if not, consider how you’ll uplift that capacity)
  • Prepare a concise, bullet point overview of the project scope, key activities and funding needs (ballpark estimates)
  • Review the team’s insights to existing IP, identify if you need to find out more about IP and decide next steps.
  • Write your complete ‘Pitch to Enter Round 1’ Project Summary. Be sure to deliver a strong closing paragraph i.e. the stand-out reasons why your project should be chosen to enter Round 1.

Step 3: Complete the Registration Form and upload your Pitch to Enter Round 1 Project Summary

Once your team has completed the ‘Pitch to Enter Round 1’ Project Summary and related Cover Sheet, you are ready to complete the Registration Form – the new cut-off date for applications is May 29th, 2020


Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 – Be in it to win it!