Bionics Industry Cluster

Bionics Queensland, incorporated in 2018, has an ambitious but entirely achievable vision to build a vibrant and competitive bionics industry cluster.

We will collaborate with our partners and Associates to shape a medium-long term action plan for bionics industry development underpinned by growth in medtech devices, bionic limbs and prosthetics, medical wearables, enabling technologies (AI, robotics, biofabrication and additive manufacture) and allied services.

Bionics Queensland will facilitate sector-wide growth in human bionics, connecting new and existing participants in a fast growing bionic healthcare ecosystem. We expect that a nucleus of bionics leaders, SMEs and start-ups will continue to flourish in South-East Queensland creating a fast-growing bionics industry cluster with strong regional links and networks delivering whole of Queensland success.

Our success will also hinge on maintaining and growing our interstate and global ties, with new innovation and investment opportunities explored in highly collaborative teams. We will work with bionics end users, leading hospitals and health services, universities, corporate leaders, SMEs and start-ups to fast track healthcare solutions and related business growth.

Our intent is to build a robust bionics industry cluster aligned to the Health 5.0 revolution. We will also progressively connect and collaborate with other Australian states and territories to create a globally recognised node of human bionics discovery and commercialisation responding to our nation’s top 100 health needs.

At a national level, MTPConnect, Australia’s Medtech and Pharma Growth Centre provides a range of valuable insights on national and state-level policies and plans that pave the way for human bionics research, product development and commercialisation.


See MTPConnect’s Sector Competitiveness Plan

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