Bionics Challenge 2022 Terms and Conditions

Eligibility to participate

Team participation in Bionics Challenge 2022 is encouraged from all walks of life with interested stakeholders likely to include individuals and organisations shown below: 

  • Hospital, university and private sector professionals: All are welcome and valued in our Bionics Challenge – scientists, clinicians, bio-medical engineers, medtech researchers, digital health and technology leaders (e.g., AI, data science, machine learning, robotics plus AR/VR), additive manufacturing experts and allied health professionals.
  • Students: Individuals enrolled in medicine, health, engineering or allied health programs at universities . PhD students at metropolitan and regional universities are strongly encouraged to compete for Major Prizes and Early-Stage Bionics Innovation Awards. Our Student Bionics Innovation Challenge is designed for undergraduate and Honours students (with related Terms and Conditions elsewhere on this website).
  • Start-ups, Charities, Small Businesses and Grassroots Innovators: The Bionics Challenge is ideally suited to start-ups and early-stage business ventures, innovative NFP organisations and spinouts from universities with an interest in medical bionics and related domains e.g. biotech, robotics, AI, digital health, neurotherapy, sensors and microelectronics, design.
  • Consumers / end users of bionic devices, implants and treatments – people impacted by trauma/injury or related disability and disease plus other bionics end users e.g. clinicians and allied health service providers.
  • Medtech industry leaders and managers: private sector medtech leaders and SMEs, product designers and developers, technologists, quality control specialists and medtech marketing specialists.

General Requirements

All Bionics Challenge teams should aim to:

  • Link people, science and/or technologies that have not been connected before in shaping an improved or new-to-the-world medical bionic innovation
  • Proactively engage bionics end users (clinicians and/or patients), plus carers and or family members of those impacted by trauma/injury in all stages of design and development of their bionic device, implant or treatment
  • Directly involve an industry partner or team member who is employed in the medtech field e.g. a product designer, assistive technology provider and/or manufacturer or marketer who can help guide the team’s plans to accelerate product or service development, distribution and market entry
  • Collaborate with intrastate, inter-state and offshore researchers as appropriate to deliver ‘new to the world’ bionic innovations or improve on existing bionic devices, technologies, treatments and implants.

Specific Terms and Conditions

1 – Registration and submission of entries for Bionics Challenge 2022 must be completed online by the published deadlines. Note that separate Terms and Conditions for the Student Bionic Innovation Challenge will be published on a separate page on this site (coming soon).

2 – Teams intending to compete for the Morgans Financial National Bionics Innovation Prize and/or a Bionics Challenge 2022 Major Category Prize and/or Early Stage Bionics Innovation Award should read all information and requirements on our website before registering and submitting their application to enter the Challenge and uploading their Project Summary.

3 – All entrants should familiarise themselves with the definition of ‘bionics’ provided online and our Bionics Challenge 2022 theme of “Innovating in Medical Bionics to Transform the Lives of those impacted by Trauma/Injury, Related Disability or Disease”. This year, teams can enter innovations that benefit those impacted by trauma/disease in one or more of our primary innovation domains (listed below). (1) Bionic Mobility, (2) Bionic Senses, (3) Bionic Implants and Organs, or (4) Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neurobionics and Electroceuticals).

4A minimum of four and a maximum of five team members is expected in each Bionics Challenge team. This rule applies to Queensland-led teams competing for Major Prizes and Early-Stage Bionics Innovation Awards and teams competing for the Morgans Financial National Bionics Innovation Prize.

5 – The Morgans Financial Bionics Innovation Prize is open to teams from all states/territories while the Major Prizes and Early Bionics Innovation Awards within Bionics Challenge 2022 are open to Queensland-led teams only. For the purposes of this Challenge, a project leader living in Queensland must be nominated and at least two members of the overall team must be Queensland-based.

Other team members can be drawn from Queensland and/or other states/territories or offshore to optimise the team’s expertise, innovation, industry engagement and collaboration.

Entrants to the Morgans Financial National Bionics Innovation Prize competition should submit a project that aligns with an identified area of medical bionics innovation outlined in Item 3 above. The winning team will receive $30,000 in cash to be progressively allocated and expended in line with an agreed project plan and milestones (included in a Deed of Grant signed by Bionics Queensland and the recipient).

The team that wins the National Bionics Innovation Prize must participate in an agreed Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program delivered by our expert team of medtech advisors that includes mentoring/consultation with Morgans Financial (offered to the equivalent value of the cash prize) on funds attraction / future capital raising.

6 – Teams competing for Bionics Challenge 2022 Major Prizes and Early-Stage Bionics Innovation Awards must be Queensland-led.

7All teams must have: a nominated project leader with the remaining team members providing an appropriate mix of researchers, clinicians, engineers, technologists and/or practitioners plus a bionics end user (or patient advocate). Note that a potential end user (clinician, patient or consumer as appropriate to your innovation) is a ‘must have’ participant in your team and should be actively involved in your project design.

An industry representative is also an important inclusion. This individual may be involved in the research, planning, design, fabrication and/or manufacture of your device, implant, technology or treatment.

Industry-based start-up and investment advisors and representatives of medtech accelerators cannot directly participate in Challenge teams and entrants must be exclusively enrolled in Bionics Challenge 2022 during the five-week timeframe of our Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Program. This condition acknowledges the investment of time and expertise of Bionics Queensland leaders, valued sponsors and partners in a much-applauded seminar series and mentoring program that is customised to the needs of each winning team.

8 – All Queensland-led teams competing in Bionics Challenge 2022 can enter the same project in the Major Prize Category and the Morgans Financial National Bionics Innovation Prize.

In this situation, the team will simply register their participation in the Major Prize Competition (Grand Challenge) and the competition for the National Bionics Innovation Prize on our Apply Now page. Teams taking this path should however ensure that their project fulfils the requirements for both contests.

9 – Queensland-led teams can elect to enter the Early-Stage Bionics Innovation Award only or enter the Major Prize Competition (Grand Challenge) as well. Note however, that winning projects will be awarded either a Major Prize or an Early Stage Bionic Innovation Award (a single cash prize plus mentoring).

Major Prize winners and Early-Stage Bionic Innovation Award winners will share in an overall $240,000 in cash prizes. The value of Major Prizes is variable (with a minimum cash prize of $25,000 and maximum prize of $100,000 in 2022). Early-Stage Bionic Innovation Award Winners will receive a minimum of $10,000 in cash plus mentoring. All decisions on the allocation of prizes are at the discretion of Bionics Queensland and its appointed panel of judges.

10 – In a situation where an individual researcher/innovator wishes to participate in more than one Challenge team, permission must be formally sought from Bionics Queensland to do so. Note that agreement of the two team leaders / other participants in each team is preferred for this arrangement to proceed.

11 – Team submissions of all materials and presentations required to progress through to the Initial Pitch Event and subsequent Grand Challenge Judging must adhere to all related guidelines and criteria that is progressively shared with entrants on this website. A failure to do so could disqualify a team.

12 – All Challenge deadlines required for teams to submit materials or attend events must be met in line with the Terms and Conditions stated on this website. This condition applies to all judging rounds in the Challenge and to the participation of some/all participants in winning teams in our Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Program.

At a minimum the Project Leader must participate in the Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program. Failure to do so may result in a delayed Deed of Grant for funds dispersal.​

13 – The initial Project Summary submitted to Bionics Queensland should include a project title, the name of the Project Leader, the names of all other participants and required content as outlined on this website. You may also wish to include a list of roles and skill sets that each team member brings to the project (e.g., patient or bionics end user or their advocate, project leader, bio-medical engineer, software designer, AI specialist, data analyst, device designer, biofabrication specialist, industry representative or other descriptor).

Note: If the team is not fully formed at the time of application, the Project Leader should outline proposed actions to attract the additional team member(s) and desired skillsets within 10 days of the Challenge closing date. If the project is accepted into the Challenge, a complete team (minimum of 4 participants) must exist prior to the Initial Pitch event and all team members must contribute to preparation.

14 – The Project Leader of a team must notify the Challenge organiser (Bionics Queensland) of any expected changes or issues that arise with team membership after the closing date for entries. Steps must be taken to maintain a minimum of four participants through to and during the staging of the final judging event. Any changes in team members at any point during the Challenge must be approved by Bionics Queensland.

15 – Upon registration, all teams agree that (a) the Project Leader and team members are willing to participate in events leading up and during the Initial Pitch Event and final Grand Challenge judging, and (b) all team members will make themselves available to participate in judging events and lead-up activities e.g. Bionics Queensland funded video pitch production for the final judging.

Note: All Bionics Challenge 2022 events, judging rounds and mentoring will again be delivered in virtual format. Challenge finalists will be offered guidance on final preparation of project plans and slide decks plus video production to enable them to successfully prepare for judging events.

16 – Prior to registration, all teams should take necessary steps to identify and protect any intellectual property (IP) included in written submissions or pitch presentations that is owned by individual team members, other individuals or organisations.

Doctoral candidates serving as Project Leaders in the Challenge should advise their supervisor and university that cash funds are allocated with the understanding that funds will be used exclusively to progress the project as submitted. The Deed of Grant (contract) is signed by the employing university of the Project Leader. However, Bionics Queensland’s liaison on subsequent milestone delivery necessarily includes the Project Leader.

17 – The respective Technology Transfer Offices or Research Offices in organisations linked to the project should be contacted in advance of entry. Note that Bionics Qld has an engagement with project leaders, team members, Grants and Research Officers and in-house commercialisation personnel in shaping winners’ contracts and tracking related milestones for funds (prize) distribution.

18 – Any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by entrants should be considered information that could enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in data or information divulged in these sessions. Due to the nature of this Challenge, our judges, reviewers, staff or the audience are not obligated and will not be asked to sign non-disclosure statements (NDAs). If a team uses copyrighted materials and/or images from a third party in their submissions or presentations, they must obtain permission in advance and identify the source.​

19 – If selected as a Bionics Challenge 2022 prize winner, the project leader and/or IP owner will sign a Deed of Grant with Bionics Queensland that includes:

  • Details of how the cash prize will be exclusively used for project expenses aligned to milestone activities and achievements.
  • A Challenge funds dispersal timeframe. Funds will be paid on invoice; issued to an ABN, not a person; and must be used to conduct further activities (e.g., industrial design, research, development and/or testing of the innovation) as defined in the Deed of Grant.
  • The agreed schedule and timeframe for the team to report to and engage with Bionics Queensland on the progress of the project, the expenditure of funds, and the team and/or IP owners’ pathway towards commercialisation.

20 – It is expected that all teams who enter the Challenge will have further research and engagement (e.g., end users, patients or key opinion leaders), clinical testing and prototype development to be undertaken and the Challenge prize will help to achieve related milestones. Note: Team members are responsible for all tax implications that might arise as a result of accepting cash payments from Bionics Queensland.

21 – All teams are required to participate in media and press opportunities related to the Challenge, including media interviews and statements released to the media in oral and written form. This publicity could occur at any time throughout the Challenge and could feature representatives of Bionics Queensland, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission(MAIC), the Queensland Government and representatives of sponsoring organisations (e.g., Morgans Financial or others) alongside team members.

22 – All Challenge team members agree that Bionics Queensland has the right to photograph and film their participation during the Challenge events and utilise related images or video in post-judging publicity campaign for marketing purposes. Participation in media and press opportunities does not require teams to disclose any proprietary or otherwise confidential information related to their research, business or product concepts.

Bionics Challenge 2022

Bionics Challenge 2022, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) will provide over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.

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