Challenge 4 – Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI

Advances in brain computer interfaces, neural implants, optogenetics and electroceuticals sit among the neurobionic innovations that have far-reaching implications for bionics end users.

Challenge 4 – Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI

How can you and your team make a difference? The winning team will deliver a ‘new to the world’ innovation or notable advance in neurotechnology or AI-enabled bionics designed to treat brain or nervous disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and/or restore a human function.

We are interested in:

  • Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) or brain-device interfaces, AI-enabled implanted devices or wearables that enable communication (interaction between thought, message formulation, speech and/or other communication)
  • BCI, deep brain stimulation and AI-enabled devices that contribute to improved treatments and functionality for people living with emotional or nervous disorders, epilepsy, disabilities caused by stroke or spinal cord injury, chronic peripheral neuropathies and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, MND, cerebral palsy)
  • Electroceuticals that produce therapeutic effects across a wide range of chronic conditions e.g., inflammatory diseases, functional GI disease, obesity and diabetes
  • Optogenetics where modified target neurons are activated by visible light, infrared neural stimulation or nanoparticle-enhanced optical stimulation i.e. to enable or restore human functions.

Our 2021 Major Category Winner was awarded $50,000 plus Winners Mentoring and Acceleration

Our Early Stage Bionic Innovation Award Winner received $10,000 to progress their project plus Winners Mentoring and Acceleration

The clock is ticking to plan your entry for 2022. You and your team could win a great cash prize and expert advice to fast track your innovation! Queensland-led teams are invited to compete for these major Challenge Category Prizes.

Major Bonuses for National Bionics Innovation Prize Winners are:

– A $25,000 cash prize to expend on advancing your bionic innovation
– A chance to share in $25,000 of Morgans Financial insights, support and mentoring
– A potential ‘fast track’ to the final decision-making round of Antler’s acceleration program for start-ups (at the VC’s Sydney office).

This prize for the most outstanding project/team across all Bionics Challenge contestants could be awarded to an innovation in one of the four categories: Bionic Mobility. Bionic Senses, Bionic Implants and Organs; or Bionics, the Brain and Neurotechnology.

Project leaders of teams competing for the National Bionics Innovation Prize may reside in any Australian state/territory. All Queensland-led teams are eligible to compete for Major Category Prizes and the National Bionics Innovation Prize.

Our Winner 2021

Bionics Challenge 2021

Bionics Challenge 2021, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) has provided over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.