Challenge 1 – Bionic Mobility

Disability statistics tell us that the vast majority of people who are physically disabled have little to no access to bionic innovations. One billion people are out there…waiting and hoping.

Challenge 1 – Bionic Mobility

How can you and your team make a difference? We’re looking for all levels and types of innovation that advance the state of play, but delivery of genuine bionic mobility is the desired outcome – prosthetic limbs that smoothly integrate with a person’s neuromuscular system and brain to enable movements such as flexing, bending and grasping. Research is advancing….but consumer access is still very limited. The global call for more affordable, accessible bionic limbs is growing (and getting louder).

The team that wins our Bionic Mobility Challenge in 2021 will deliver a next generation bionics innovation in one of the following areas:

  • Prosthetics design, manufacturing and their human integration (e.g., osseointegration aligned with bionic mobility solutions)
  • Bionic mobility enabled by one or more technologies (existing and emerging) e.g. myo-electrics, sensory electrics, brain-machine interfaces, optogenetics, robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Personalised computational neuromuscularskeletal models that use finite element modelling, smart wearables and machine learning to deliver bionic mobility solutions
  • Exoskeleton and robotic innovations interfaced with bionic mobility solutions

$50,000 if you win the Bionic Mobility Challenge plus Winners Mentoring and Acceleration

Or $8,000 in cash for an Early Stage Bionic Innovation plus Winners Mentoring and Acceleration

The clock is ticking – your team could win a great cash prize and expert advice to fast track your innovation! Queensland-led teams are invited to compete for these major Challenge Category Prizes.

Major Bonuses for National Bionics Innovation Prize Winners are:

– A $25,000 cash prize to expend on advancing your bionic innovation
– A chance to share in $25,000 of Morgans Financial insights, support and mentoring
– A potential ‘fast track’ to the final decision-making round of Antler’s acceleration program for start-ups (at the VC’s Sydney office).

This prize for the most outstanding project/team across all Bionics Challenge contestants could be awarded to an innovation in one of the four categories: Bionic Mobility. Bionic Senses, Bionic Implants and Organs; or Bionics, the Brain and Neurotechnology.

Project leaders of teams competing for the National Bionics Innovation Prize may reside in any Australian state/territory. All Queensland-led teams are eligible to compete for Major Category Prizes and the National Bionics Innovation Prize.

Bionics Challenge 2021

This years Bionics Challenge, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) has an overall $300,000 in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.