Bionic DeepTech Mentoring and Acceleration Program

Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program

In addition to $232,000 in cash prizes for winners, Bionics Challenge ’21 is set to deliver a ‘stand out’ mentoring and commercialisation training program (adding a further $50,000+ of in-kind value for our winning teams).

A stellar line-up of coaches and expert advisors will engage with our National Bionics Innovation Prize Winner, our four Bionics Challenge ’21 Major Category Winners and recipients of four Early-Stage Bionics Innovation Awards.

Coaches and Expert Advisors:

Dr Robyn Stokes: CEO, Bionics Queensland,
Program Director & Coach
(Bionic Innovation Insights, Business Strategy, Partner Attraction, Research & Engagement)

Dr Laura Faulconer: Portfolio Director, Antler, Sydney
Lead Coach– Bionics Challenge ‘21
(Medtech Deeptech Founder, Investor, Strategist and Acceleration Advisor)

Bernie Woodcroft: Partner, Ventures Growth – Deeptech Innovation, Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

John Polinelli: Associate, Morgans Financial, Brisbane
(Sponsor: $25,000 National Bionics Innovation Prize plus $25,000 In-Kind Advice)Coach and Expert Advisor – Financial Planning and Capital Attraction

Neil Davidson: Design Innovation Director, Clandestine Design
(Sponsor – In-Kind Advice, Human-Centred Design Insights for Bionic Innovations)

James Scott: Medtech Business and Marketing Specialist, Brisbane
Expert Advisor – Medtech Market / Sales Analysis and Industry Engagement

Mark Jones: Managing Director, Your Digital Solutions
Expert Advisor: Digital business models / marketing strategy

Our Bionics Deeptech Acceleration Options:

Our 2021 winners (8-10 teams in total) will choose and complete one of two Bionics Deeptech Acceleration Programs offered by Bionics Queensland.

Bionics Deeptech Program A (Standard):

Program A is our 8-Week Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Package completed by Challenge Winners in advance of their 6–18-month contract for funds allocation (aligned to their cash prize, agreed milestones and quarterly deep-dives with Bionics Qld mentors).

Key inclusions in Program A are:

  • Core Topic Webinars (2 Hour Sessions) with Lead Coach and Program Director: Proof of Concept, Design and Development Plans; Market Validation; Competitive Analysis, FTO & IP Strategy; Business Models, Management Teams and Liquidity.
  • Customised Mentoring Sessions with Individual Teams aligned to Webinars
  • Expert Advice on Financial Planning and Capital Raising: Morgans Financial
  • Expert Advice on Digital Business / Marketing and Brand Development
  • Winners Roundtable: Freedom to Operate (FTO) and IP Protection
  • Winners Roundtable: Bionics Deeptech Design, Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Winners Roundtable: Reimbursement Options for Medical Bionic Innovations
  • Connection to medtech investor networks and platforms
  • Quarterly Deep Dive Mentoring Sessions in 2022
Bionics Deeptech Program B (Advanced):

Program B is an alternative 5-Week Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Package customised to the needs of Challenge winners who have (a) previously participated in bionics or medtech acceleration and/or (b) have more advanced insights to the medtech commercialisation journey. Teams participating in Program B must complete it in advance of signing their Deed of Grant for funds allocation (dispersed over a 12–18-month program of  milestone delivery).

Key inclusions in Program B are:

  • Agreed program of a minimum of five (5) Commercialisation Training Events drawn from our Core Topic Webinars and Winners Roundtables
  • Customised Mentoring Sessions with a Lead Coach and Program Director (a required inclusion in the Program)
  • Expert Advice from Morgans on Financial Planning and Capital Raising to accelerate the project to market (a required inclusion in the Program)
  • Connection to medtech investor networks and platforms

Quarterly Deep Dive Mentoring Sessions in 2022 (a required inclusion as per the Deed of Contract signed with winning teams)

Bionics Challenge 2021

Bionics Challenge 2021, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) has provided over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.

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