Have you heard about Australia’s incredible Bionics Innovation Challenge?

Cash prizes and customised mentoring & commercialisation training programs valued at over $300k are benefiting our Bionics Challenge 2021 winners!

Bionics Challenge 2021 delivered in partnership with MAIC Queensland has been an especially exciting event for medtech innovators

A first-ever National Bionics Innovation Prize of $25,000 sponsored by Morgans Financial attracted innovators from multiple Australia states and territories. The Major Category Awards for Queensland-led teams saw 4 x $50,000 cash prizes and 4 x $10,000 Early Stage Bionic Innovation Prizes awarded in 2021.

Our winners receive healthy ‘kick-start funds’ and are mentored by an internationally recognised medtech advisor. They also receive expert insights from our sponsor Morgans Financial and see an exciting array of new partnership opportunities unfold. Start planning your team for the 2022 Challenge now!

Introducing the Winners of Bionics Challenge 2021. An Incredible Line-up of Innovators from Australia and Beyond.


The Challenge sees start-ups, R&D leaders and everyday innovators work ‘head to head’ with others to jump-start new bionic discoveries and fast track new devices and treatments to transform lives…..potentially the life of someone you know.

The Bionics Challenge covers four main categories of medical bionic innovations

Bionic Mobility

Bionic-robotic technologies, devices and power sources to optimise bionic limbs, hands and feet; robotic gloves and exoskeletons; plus bionic interfaces that seek to restore spinal sensation and movement.

Bionic Senses

Devices and technologies focused on: hearing, vision, taste, smell, touch and other senses – balance, skin tension, pressure, pain & temperature.

Bionic Implants & Organs

Bio-robotic and AI-enabled organs or organ software; biofabricated tissue-engineered implants; bionic organs and organoids; nano-devices and treatments.

Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI

Neural or AI-enabled implants; bioelectric stimulation therapies or treatments, novel optogenetic therapies, brain-computer-interface devices, electroceuticals and related rehabilitation technologies.

We’re inviting Queensland’s ‘best and brightest’ from all regions and all walks of life to help redefine what it means to live with a disability or chronic disease.

Our mission to transform lives will see us:

Identify, support and energise Australian innovations and research aligned to new or improved medical bionic devices, limbs/prosthetics, organs, treatments and cutting-edge bionics technologies (in the proposal or early development phase)

Mentor and connect ‘stand-out’ innovators, research projects, businesses and technologies contributing to a world-class medical bionics innovation and research culture and a vibrant Australian medtech industry cluster.

Upskill and reward individuals and teams researching, inventing and developing clinically-relevant bionics solutions and treatments (in the start-up community and in universities, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, SMEs and the general community)

Tell the stories of real people and lives transformed by bionic innovations – understanding the needs of end users (clinical and knowledge-related) and helping people from all walks of life to realise their dreams with new bionic solutions and assistive technologies.

How do we define ‘bionics’?

A genuine bionic solution will involve a therapeutic intervention, sensory feedback and/or full or partial restoration of a human function via a prosthesis, implanted device, stent or organ aided by brain-computer or machine interfaces, implanted AI or electrical stimulation of nerves or muscles. Neurobionic treatments, external stimulation devices, wearables and allied health services expand the possibilities for consumers.

Help redefine what it means to live with a disability or chronic disease

Building great teams, accelerating innovation

Our Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Acceleration Program is offered in two formats pending the background and experiences of our Challenge 2021 start-ups and R&D teams.

An 8-Week Program of Bionics Deeptech Webinars, Sprints and Exercises plus Milestone Deep-Dive Sessions. The deep-dives to review team progress feature at the start, middle and end of the program and are repeated quarterly or half yearly for Bionics Challenge winners (aligned to progressive allocation of cash prizes).

A 5-Week Bionics Deeptech Immersion purpose-built for teams seeking a top-up intensive or shorter program. Bionics Challenge winners must have some prior knowledge of medtech innovations and commercialisation to enter this program.

Our Bionics Challenge 2021 winners will receive project-specific mentoring from Dr Robyn Stokes (CEO / business and marketing strategist) and Dr Laura Faulconer (global VC executive, medtech startup founder, architect of Australia’s Actuator fund and an all-round guru on accelerating and partnering to succeed. Challenge finalists and winners will also interact with a stellar line-up of internationally recognised business and medtech advisors and supporting agencies.

“This Challenge is a chance for anyone living anywhere in Queensland with a great idea to make a difference. Now is the time to get involved to help transform lives.”

Dr Dimity Dornan AO – Founder of Bionics Queensland

Bionics Challenge 2021

Bionics Challenge 2021, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) has provided over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.