Have you heard about Australia’s incredible Bionics Innovation Challenge?

Cash prizes and customised mentoring & commercialisation training programs valued at over $300k are set to benefit our Bionics Challenge 2022 winners!

This year’s Challenge promises to be an especially exciting event for innovators.

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2022 will see $200,000 awarded to Major Prize Winners ($25,000 to $100,000 for individual teams).

A further $40,000 in cash prizes ($10,000 to $20,000 for individual teams) will be distributed to Early-Stage Bionic Innovation Award Winners. PLUS a first-ever Student Bionic Innovation Challenge ($15,000 in prizes) will open soon for university students.

This year’s Morgans Financial National Bionics Innovation Prize opens the door again to bionics innovators and R&D leaders Australia-wide. The winner of this prestigious Australia-wide competition will receive $30,000 in cash (plus finance/investment attraction advice to the equivalent value of the cash prize) from Morgans leading advisors. 

In addition to these healthy ‘kick-start’ funds, Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Program is back this year better than ever. Talk to us and start planning your entry now!

Now is the time to showcase your project, to work head-to-head with patients/end-users, academics, allied health service leaders and clinicians to develop a next generation bionic device, implant or treatment to transform lives!

Projects submitted to Bionics Challenge 2022 are expected to align with one or more areas of bionic innovation:

  • Bionic Mobility

  • Bionic Senses

  • BCIs, Neurobionics and Electroceuticals

  • Bionic Implants and Organs 

Our Bionics Challenge sees start-ups, R&D leaders and everyday innovators work ‘head-to-head’ with patients/end-users of bionic devices to jump-start new discoveries and improve on existing solutions to transform lives… potentially the life of someone you already know. 

Bionics Challenge 2022 will deliver healthy ‘kickstart’ funds and Bionics Deeptech Mentoring and Commercialisation Training Program with access to expert medtech advisors and new partnership opportunities!



Our Bionics Challenge sees start-ups, R&D leaders and everyday innovators work ‘head to head’ with end-users of devices and treatments to jump-start new discoveries and fast track new bionic solutions to transform lives…potentially the life of someone you know.

Entries to Bionics Challenge 2022 can focus on breakthroughs, new ideas or improvements in one or more of our four main categories of medical bionic innovations.

Bionic Mobility

Bionic-robotic technologies, devices and power sources to optimise bionic limbs, hands and feet; robotic gloves and exoskeletons; plus, bionic interfaces that seek to restore spinal sensation and movement.

Bionic Senses

Devices and technologies focused on: hearing, vision, taste, smell, touch and other senses – balance, skin tension, pressure, pain and temperature.


Bionic Implants & Organs

Artificial, Bio-robotic and AI-enabled organs or organ software; biofabricated tissue-engineered implants; bionic organs and organoids and implantable nano-devices.


BCIs, Neurobionics and Electroceuticals

Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Neural or AI-enabled Implants, Deep Brain Stimulation, Optogenetics, Electroceuticals and Neurotherapies for Mental Health Conditions.

We’re inviting Queensland’s ‘best and brightest’ from all regions and all walks of life to help redefine what it means to live with road accident trauma or disabilities.

Our mission to transform lives will see us:

Identify, support and energise Australian innovations and research aligned to new or improved medical bionic devices, limbs/prosthetics, organs, treatments and cutting-edge bionics technologies (in the proposal or early development phase)

Mentor and connect ‘stand-out’ innovators, research projects, businesses and technologies contributing to a world-class medical bionics innovation and research culture and a vibrant Australian medtech industry cluster.

Upskill and reward individuals and teams researching, inventing and developing clinically relevant bionics solutions and treatments (in the start-up community and in universities, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, SMEs and the general community)

Tell the stories of real people and lives transformed by bionic innovations – understanding and engaging end users in bionics co-design and helping people from all walks of life to realise their dreams with new bionic-medtech solutions and assistive technologies.

How do we define ‘bionics’?

A genuine bionic solution will involve a therapeutic intervention, sensory feedback and/or full or partial restoration of a human function via a prosthesis, implanted device or organ aided by brain-machine interfaces, implanted AI or electrical stimulation of nerves or muscles. Neurobionic treatments, external stimulation devices, wearables and allied health services expand the possibilities for road accident survivors and others.

Help redefine what it means to live with a disability or chronic disease

Busting the silos of endeavour to ‘seed’ and support cross-border, cross-disciplinary bionic innovations. At Bionics Queensland, we are collaborating with innovators, building teams, seeding great ideas and supporting, showcasing and accelerating ‘next level’ game-changing discoveries in human bionics.

We are connecting with and inviting the ‘best and brightest’ minds to co-design game-changing devices and treatments with ‘end users’ and carers, clinicians, technology leaders, science-based start-ups and investors. A fusion of exciting technologies is shaping ‘moon shot’ discoveries in human bionics. With our partners in Australia and around the globe, we are accelerating innovation at the intersection of neuroscience, electronics, bio-medical engineering, robotics and regenerative medicine. Engage with us to build and participate in a fast-expanding community of bionics innovators and ‘stand-out’ projects.

“This Challenge is a chance for anyone living anywhere in Queensland with a great idea to make a difference. Now is the time to get involved to help transform lives.”

Dr Dimity Dornan AO – Founder of Bionics Queensland

Building great teams, accelerating innovation

A 5-Week Bionics Deeptech Immersion purpose-built for teams seeking a top-up intensive or shorter program. Bionics Challenge winners must have some prior knowledge of medtech innovations and commercialisation to enter this program.

Progress of our Bionics Challenge winners is reviewed alongside milestones to motivate, support and accelerate great innovations to market.

Our Bionics Challenge 2022 winners will receive project-specific mentoring from Dr Robyn Stokes (CEO / business and marketing strategist) and a stellar line-up of medtech innovation and start-up advisors, design, marketing, funds attraction and IP specialists.

Keep your eye on the Bionics Challenge 2022 calendar of dates…and talk to us about your ideas!