What we do

Our key priorities of the Bionics Queensland team are to:

Connect patients and clinicians with inventors and researchers, product developers, manufacturers and investors in a Queensland-led journey of bionics discovery and commercialisation.

Communicate to raise awareness of Queensland’s bionics ‘stargates’ – key areas of discovery that will have the highest impact on human lives – advances in the bionic senses, bionic mobility, artificial organs, neural interfaces and enabling technologies. We will advocate at all levels for policies, programs and regulation to fast track bionic solutions.

Collaborate to plan and deliver a Bionics Queensland ‘living laboratory’ a multi-partner, multi-site initiative to innovate, create and deliver new bionic solutions (leveraging Queensland’s world class insights to AI, robotics, biofabrication, additive manufacture and block chain technologies).

For the short and long term, we will:
  • Work with all who are passionate and interested in delivering accessible bionic healthcare innovations to transform lives.
  • Engage with all Queensland regions, involving people from all walks of life in defining bionic healthcare innovation needs of urban, rural and remote communities.
  • Consult widely to understand the lifestyle needs and challenges of current and future users of bionic healthcare devices, limbs and prosthetics, wearables and treatments.
  • Create pathways for bionics end users, advocates and carers to give their ideas, talk to and engage with us about bionics devices and treatments.
  • Share knowledge, linking global bionic healthcare discoveries to Queensland’s current and future research and innovation.
  • Establish innovative programs and ways of working with community leaders and public and private sector partners to build and maintain an innovation pipeline, stimulate start-ups, attract anchor businesses and grow a vibrant bionics industry cluster.
  • Collaborate with our Associates and Affiliates (game changers in health and technology) to plan and deliver an annual Bionics Queensland Innovation and Research Challenge. The Challenge will engage individuals and teams across disciplines in a pipeline of discovery, translation and solutions building.
  • Continue to grow and expand our Bionics Queensland ‘living laboratory’ – putting people living with disabilities, chronic disease and previously untreatable conditions in touch with scientists, clinicians, inventors, device designers and product developers.

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020

The Challenge will identify, celebrate and fast-track ‘stand-out’ innovators, researchers and everyday people who form ‘kick-hard’ teams to deliver life changing bionic healthcare innovations.

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