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Bionics Queensland

Stimulating new medtech devices and treatments and a new bionics industry cluster. Courtesy Channel 7

The Bionics Queensland team are ‘visionaries’ and ‘doers’. Our goal is a simple one – to help people living with complex disabilities, chronic disease and untreatable health conditions to regain their dreams.

We are Queensland’s grassroots facilitators of consumer-focused bionic innovation. We will bust the ‘silos’ of endeavour in discovery and innovation, to put the spotlight on the needs of real people and the ‘nano-neuro-bio-electronic’ interfaces capable of delivering real breakthroughs.

Bionics Queensland is an agile and vibrant not-for-profit, health charity founded by Dr Dimity Dornan AO whose passion and energy to make a difference is recognised the world over. Her incredible success with Hear and Say, teaching deaf children to hear and speak with the multi-channel cochlear implant or bionic ear has changed the lives of thousands of children and their families.


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Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020

The Challenge will identify, celebrate and fast-track ‘stand-out’ innovators, researchers and everyday people who form ‘kick-hard’ teams to deliver life changing bionic healthcare innovations.

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