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A citizen science project invites people with disabilities to share their stories

Bionics Queensland’s vision for a patient-centred human bionics ‘living laboratory’ is well supported by this outstanding citizen science project. Metro South Health and Griffith University’s Hopkins Centre have launched a citizen science project allowing people with disabilities to share their experiences and stories to improve the services that these people need and use.

The Dignity Project is a digital engagement platform that allows people with disabilities to share, reinterpret and analyse collective experiences by removing the physical and attitudinal barriers they may face. In this story, Professor Tim Geraghty from the Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health and Griffith University’s Hopkins Centre underline the need for stories of dignity and inclusion to be told to spearhead further improvements in the rehabilitation experience.

The project will initially focus on people with acquired brain and spinal injury. Microsoft Australia, a project sponsor, will help to ensure that people can be easily connected with each other and that people with communication challenges can tell their stories. The project is running in partnership with consumer disability organisations and the corporate sector.

Read more at: https://metrosouth.health.qld.gov.au/news/hopkins-centre-receives-grant-to-help-connect-those-with-a-disability