Bionics Challenge 2022

A dedicated ‘bionics-deeptech’ competition for talented innovators, start-ups and R&D leaders. Be in it to win it!

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Bionics Queensland​

Accelerating human bionic innovations to transform lives

Bionic Mobility – Bionic Senses – Bionic Implants and Organs – Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI

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Bionics Discovery Hub​

A ‘deep-dive’ to incredible breakthroughs and discoveries in human bionics

Bionic Mobility – Bionic Senses – Bionic Implants and Organs – Bionics, the Brain, Neurotech and AI

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Bionics Challenge 2022

 $300k in combined Cash Prizes + Mentoring and Acceleration!

Busting the silos of endeavour to ‘seed’ and support cross-border, cross-disciplinary bionic innovations.

At Bionics Queensland, we are collaborating with innovators, building teams, seeding great ideas and supporting, showcasing and accelerating ‘next level’ game-changing discoveries in human bionics.

We are connecting with and encouraging the ‘best and brightest’ minds to work with ‘end users’ and carers, clinicians, technology leaders, science-based start-ups and investors to deliver a new generation of bionic solutions.

A fusion of exciting technologies is shaping ‘moon shot’ discoveries in human bionics i.e. the devices, implants and treatments that change lives. With our partners in Australia and around the globe, we are accelerating innovation at the intersection of neuroscience, electronics, bio-medical engineering, robotics and regenerative medicine.

Engage with us to build and participate in a fast-expanding community of bionics innovators and ‘stand-out’ projects.

Learn more about our Human Bionics LivingLab program of activities, take a ‘deep dive’ into our Bionics Discovery Hub, jump in to enter Bionics Challenge 2022 or talk to us about supporting your journey, idea or innovation.

Our Human Bionics LivingLab Community is global and local…innovating across borders



Bionic Queensland Roundtables 2022



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Bionics Innovator Showcase:

Deep Connections

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Dive into our Bionics Discovery Hub

Bionic Mobility
Bionic Senses
Bionics and Evolutionary AI
Biofabricated, tissue-engineered implants


Human bionic interfaces brings the prospect of fuller participation for millions of people with previously untreatable conditions.

By 2035 our concept of “human” will be tempered by a generation of bionics devices and treatments already emerging. Human centred design is vital in shaping the future!


Dr Dimity Dornan OA

Bionics Challenge 2022

Bionics Challenge 2022, delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Qld) will provide over $300k in combined Cash Prizes, Mentoring and Acceleration.

Bionics Challenge 2022 winners participate in customised Bionics Deeptech mentoring

Our Bionics Challenge 2022 winners will receive project-specific mentoring from Dr Robyn Stokes (CEO / business and marketing strategist) and. Challenge winners will also hear from a stellar line-up of Australia’s leading legal, finance and medtech advisors (including Morgans Financial, FB Rice, Hydrix and more).


Now more than ever before, we can envisage new bionic pathways back to optimal health and wellbeing. Electroceuticals is one of the exciting windows to that future


Optical stimulation to improve neural activation

At the Bionic Institute in Victoria, researchers have demonstrated that combining electrical stimulation with optical stimulation markedly improves the spatial and temporal precision of neural activation.

The research team is also exploring the use of optogenetics to introduce light sensitive ion channels into neural membranes to enable a wider suite of bionic treatments


Major Partner

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Motor Accident Insurance Commission

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) Queensland is our major funding partner. The rehabilitation of Queenslanders impacted by road accident trauma, disabilities and chronic health conditions underpins our highly valued partnership.


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