Linking people, science and technologies in new ways sits at the heart of new bionic discoveries to transform lives.

Bionics Queensland is connecting great ideas with great minds – we’re bringing scientists, researchers, healthcare consumers, clinicians and investors together to take bionic innovations to the next level.

Working together, we will push beyond our extraordinary success with the cochlear implant (bionic ear) to further restore and enhance the senses, bionic mobility (limbs and prosthetics), artificial organs, wearables, treatments and brain-machine interfaces.

We will challenge and encourage Queensland’s best and brightest minds to create ‘next gen’ AI and thought-controlled bionics alongside simple, affordable solutions….keeping bionics end users and their families ‘front and centre’ in all that we do.

A broad set of technologies is driving the bionic era. With our partners and supporters, we are working at the intersection of neuroscience, health, bio-medical engineering, robotics, bio-fabrication, AI and quantum computing to make a difference. Join us to transform lives!

QODE Virtual 2020

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 will help to make ‘the improbable possible’ for millions of people living with disabilities and untreatable health conditions around the world.

See Dimity’s presentation at QODE >

Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020

The Challenge will identify, celebrate and fast-track ‘stand-out’ innovators, researchers and everyday people who form ‘kick-hard’ teams to deliver life changing bionic healthcare innovations.

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