A Collaborative Approach to
Human Bionics Innovation

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Promoting cross disciplinary collaboration of end-users, research institutions, clinicians, industry and government in human bionics.

Be a part of a new global Human Bionics Interface network……

Tightening links between researchers, medtech businesses, investors, regulators, clinicians and end users, the people whose health and lifestyle is changed forever by bionic solutions.

Human Bionics Interface is a new global network that will actively promote bionics research collaborations, a pipeline of R&D, translation, start-ups and successful commercial enterprise. The vision of this Australian based network is to fast track the hook up of new technologies and research and the design and delivery of new bionics devices and services to enable millions of people with previously untreatable conditions to lead fulfilling lives.

Bionics Queensland (BioniQ) has been established to advance research and commercial endeavours across the broad spectrum of human bionics in the state of Queensland. The spectrum of disciplines driving bionics breakthroughs is broad with inputs from neuroscience, the brain-computer interface, bio-fabrication, robotics and materials engineering. Bionics Queensland will look for the intersections in diverse fields by acting as the conduit to identify synergies and help to unlock commercial opportunities.

Driven by the fundamental desire to deliver bionics solutions more quickly to those with disabilities, Human Bionics Interface and BioniQ will establish a common network and platform for bionics scientists, engineers, financiers, government and entrepreneurs to share ideas, unlock opportunities, tackle the challenges and commercialise faster.

Established by Dr Dimity Dornan AO, the inspirational founder of Hear and Say in Australia, this is a network that will take the scientific, industrial, humanitarian and collaborative success of bionics devices so far into new domains.

Globally, Human Bionics Interface will tap into ‘communities of interest’ across continents. Bionics Queensland (BioniQ) will similarly pursue new intersections between science, clinical practice and enterprise to accelerate bionics solutions. Many specialist disciplines are contributing to the growth of human bionics. Now is the time to take these specialities beyond their silos and advance bionics breakthroughs from the benchtop to the bed-side.

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