Join Bionics Queensland and make a difference!

Whether you are an interested community member or charity, a hospital and health care leader, a university or research institute, device manufacturer, an IT expert or medtech entrepreneur, there is a place for you in Bionics Queensland.


We’re inviting you to join Bionics Queensland as an Associate or an Affiliate. What does this mean for you, what are the benefits and how will your participation help us to help others?

Join Bionics Queensland as an Associate


Diverse benefits including participation in a Bionics Queensland Leadership Council are offered to Associates. We have already attracted the interest of Queensland’s leading hospitals and universities as well as leaders in human bionics device design and manufacture. We are also reaching out to research institutes, technology leaders, vocational education and training (VET) providers, bionics businesses and charities. Click here to read our Summary of Benefits for Associates.

Those who choose to be Associates of Bionics Queensland will be visible trailblazers identifying barriers to collaboration in bionics research and product development and forming exciting partnerships for commercialisation. It is anticipated that many sector leaders will become Associates, spearheading ground-breaking projects, facilities and hubs under the banner of Bionics Queensland.

Organisations seeking to become a Bionics Queensland Associate should call or email us in the first instance. Click here for our contact details and guidance on your emailed letter of application and supporting application form.

Join as an Associate

Join Bionics Queensland as an Affiliate


We also welcome Affiliates. We know that patients and carers, individual health and allied health professionals and Queensland residents may have an interest in joining Bionics Queensland. Many everyday Queenslanders will no doubt want to keep their eye on new discoveries and share their stories and needs with us.

We also know that lots of young students are excited by the opportunity to undertake research and work in the human bionics sector. Similarly, health-tech start-ups, small health education providers and charities will gain benefits from becoming a Bionics Queensland Affiliate.


What are the annual fees to join as an Affiliate?

  • If you are a student, you can join Bionics Queensland for zero dollars. Meetings of a Bionics Queensland Students Group will be hosted in Brisbane (with opportunities for remote access and regional events).
  • Patients and their carers can join for a fee that ranges from zero to $100 per annum, pending your circumstance. In return, we want to stay in touch with you, share breakthroughs, invite you to attend events or workshops and hear about your needs, your journey and what you’ve learned so far. This will help us to understand new research and product development needs and to fast track bionic solutions.
  • Professional individuals – clinicians, other health services practitioners or allied professionals can also join. The fee for Affiliate status is $220 per year for professionals, while members of the public not working in any professional capacity can join for an annual fee of $100.

Click here for a Summary of Affiliate Benefits.

Note: Annual fees outlined alongside benefits of joining Bionics Queensland are paid in advance of the subsequent year. Bionics Queensland will maintain an up-to-date Register of Associates and Affiliates.

Join as an Affiliate